Avro Lancaster Mk. X in formation with the B-25 Mitchell Mk III

Flying in formation are the Lancaster and B-25 Mitchell from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWHM) collection. 

The Avro Lancaster had impressive flying characteristics and operational performance, which is likely why it  the most famous Allied bomber of the Second World War. The Museum’s Lancaster Mk. X was built at Victory Aircraft, Malton in July 1945 and was later converted to a RCAF 10MR configuration. In 1952, it suffered a serious accident and received a replacement wing centre section from a Lancaster that had flown in combat over Germany. It served as a maritime patrol aircraft, with No. 405 Squadron, Greenwood, NS and No. 107 Rescue Unit, Torbay, Newfoundland for many years and was retired from the RCAF in late 1963.This Lancaster is the last flying Canadian built of the 430 that were built and one of only two in the world of the 7377 built still flying. 

The B-25 Mitchell was ordered straight from the drawing board in September 1939. The first production aircraft flew in August 1940 and B-25s went into service with the US Air Corps, towards the end of 1940. The B-25 played an integral part in World War II and is famous for a 1942 operation had sixteen B-25’s take off from the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet led by Colonel Jimmy Doolittle.

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We are thrilled to welcome the Avro Lancaster Mk. X & B-25 Mitchell Mk III in 2024!

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